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  1. 9:30 amgeneral1h 
    Yoga Dhyanam
    9:30 am general for 1h

    A yoga practice to strengthen, stretch and energize...a great way to start your day....Breath centred, mindful meditative yoga practice suitable for all levels

No classes on today :(
No classes on today :(
No classes on today :(
No classes on today :(
No classes on today :(


Yoga Dhyanam offers an authentic traditional yoga experience in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. Small classes in a caring and relaxed atmosphere. CLASSES: (Note: Check timetable.....Bookings are essential )TASTER CLASS $10 limited placements, book now! Class fee:Casual: $23.00/ 21.00Online...

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Yoga Dhyanam offers an authentic traditional yoga experience in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya. Small classes in a caring and relaxed atmosphere.


CLASSES: (Note: Check timetable.....Bookings are essential )

TASTER CLASS $10 limited placements, book now!

Class fee:

Casual: $23.00/ 21.00

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GENERAL CLASSES: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9.30am - 10.30am

This class is suitable for all levels... a mix a postures & flowing vinyasa sequences with a focus on specific areas, i.e hips, abdominals etc over a 2 week period, this allows for Increasing mobility strength & flexibility of specific areas along with encouraging mental focus. Pranayama & yoga nidra & visualisation conclude the session....influence your strength, flexibility and enhance your sense of ease and calm. 


ASANA & PRANAYAMA and there benefits: 

There is no health practice more fundamental...

no effect more profound....

no richer nourishment than breathing efficiently.

The breath is our vital life force, it sustains life, nourishes cells, expels waste and affects our nervous system.

and hence why Pranayama (breathing techniques) is one of yoga's most important and effective tools.

In the Kishnamacharya tradition, the emphasis is on the breath, you will learn to breath efficiently using abdominal, diaphragmatic breathing in yoga postures.(asana) and further evolve the breath using breathing techniques which extends the life force (pranayama).

For those who wish to restore, de stress and improve mental well being, these classes will help to forge a new pattern of ease which will provide a new reference to help one manage stress.


Yoga for mums & bubs…. strengthen, stretch & tone the body, without adding extra stress. Revitalise energy levels. Restore & calm ones mental & emotional states…. so vital for mothers.

Create your own mums group class.


In the Yoga class the children will be taken on a safe, enjoyable and fun journey engaging children to positively influence their potential…….

Physically, Yoga helps develop strong & flexible bodies,

  • Instills good postural habits.
  • Helps develop balance, coordination and a feeling of grace and confidence in their movements.

Energetically, Mentally & emotionally:                             

  • Calms the nervous system, directs ones focus.                                     
  • Yoga is not competitive, it promotes self worth to come from a place that is deeper, more personal & enduring.
  • Teaches children to breath efficiently.
  • The meditative aspect promotes a deep sense of peace, stillness and calm within.

Yoga allows children to feel embodied and engaged, & paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness….yoga makes children healthy.

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Switch on your relaxation response

Switch on your relaxation response.

Our response to the demands of the modern lifestyle influences our behavior in ways which can trigger the stress response, if it is constant, stress becomes a regular pattern, with time manifesting as symptoms of dis – ease…. i.e feeling heavy, tired, mentally negative...physical, energetically & emotional restriction.

Yoga Dhyanam Meditative Course is a self-empowering practice to create the conditions to switch on our  relaxation response....Regular mindful, meditative practice will start to reverse the stress pattern. Our inherent relaxation response allows our system to restore and move towards balance.....steady, focused, liberated, light, clear, a feeling of general is restored.

Over the 3 weeks, using simple meditative techniques, one is progressively guided week by week towards experiencing a deeper, meditative state, inducing a state of calm, integration, ease. The course focus is on the practice of the meditative techniques which will enable the practitioner regular, daily independent practice.

Online sessions are available.


Online sessions are available.

A tailored yoga practice enables independent and regular practice in your own space and time.

Yoga traditionally was always taught one on one, a personalised practice respects the starting point of the individual to move one safely towards their goals be it, stronger, flexible, breathe efficiently, balance energy levels, reduce stress, increase calm..

The process entails four sessions over 3 -4 weeks.

Session 1: The consultation which includes a physical assessment & a breathing assessment evaluates your starting point and goals.

Session 2: You are taught your practice which now enables you to continue daily and independently.

Sessions 3 & 4: At this point you have been practicing independently and daily with weekly sessions in between to refine, tweak and evolve your practice so you are feeling confident to continue independently. From there on, one off sessions at interim points allows you to continually evolve your personal practice.


Yoga Personalised Practice is a self empowering and effective tool to manage and reduce health challenging conditions i.e Asthma, sciatica, stress,... and can be implemented as a complimentary treatment strategy alongside other modalities of care.

Physically...become stronger, flexible ,coordinated, improve your posture.

Mentally...transformation towards becoming more focused, clear, stable, calm.

Energetically....balance & restore your energy levels.

Emotionally...centered, steady, grounded, calm.

Consultation: 115/109

Sessions: 95/89


I contacted Anna over a year ago when I developed a frozen shoulder and no medical treatments had helped resolve it. Having never done yoga before and not being overly fond of formal exercise I was not sure what to expect. Over a couple of sessions in which Anna observed the way I moved and my limitations as she instructed me on some basic exercises, she developed a routine specifically for me that would address my shoulder and help me achieve my objective of building more core strength. Over several months she progressed my yoga routine to gently challenge me. I am surprised by how much I enjoy the yoga and how good and strong it makes me feel. I try to practice for 30 minutes daily but usually only manage 4-5 times/week - but if I leave it more than a couple of days I miss it and the way it makes me feel.


My frozen shoulder was thawed within about 8 months and I now have full movement in that shoulder – the transformation is amazing. Anna is a great teacher and lovely to be around. I love that I don’t have to go to regular classes but instead can slot yoga into my daily life and do a review session with Anna every few months to progress my routine. I’m still working on making enough space in my life to practice yoga daily but I have no doubt, based on the way it makes me feel about myself, that it is something I will do for the rest of my life.


Belinda E. 53



Teacher: Anna Isgro 

 -Yoga Teacher.                                                               

 -Yoga Therapist (both in the T. Krishnamacharya Tradition).      

 -Teacher of the Alexander Technique

CONTACT: 0435242912





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