Beginners Yoga

Oct1220207:45 pmtoDec1420208:45 pm

Monday, 12 Oct 2020 toMonday, 14 Dec 2020
$153 for 9 weeks
0427 240 854


AN introduction with a brief relaxation and beginning and end of class. All yoga poses are taught with adaptions so that any one is able to access them. Suitable for students of all ages and abilites.

If yo haven't done yoga before this is the class for you.

if you have done yoga before and its been a while then this is also the class for you.

Yoga breathing is used through out the class and there will be time explaining the benifits of it.

You will have a thorough grounding in the poses and feel confident to join the class of your choice at the studio afterwards.

Schedule / Itinerary

Becasue of covid restrictions you will need to bring your own mat and blanket and belt or scarf. Mats can be purchases at studio.