Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam prelude -  9 week course

Feb06202012:00 amtoApr09202012:00 am

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Hatha Yoga Desha, 220A Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040, Australia
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Thursday, 6 Feb 2020 toThursday, 9 Apr 2020
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This course presents the full practice format of Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam (Churning of the Shadow Warrior) and builds on an understanding of Bala Krama and the Level 2 Introduction to CYS. The full practice format of warm up - prelude - asana (seats) and conclusion is for experienced students maintaining a regular practice. This course prepares for the practice of more complex seats and yoga-asana and for asana - angahara, inversions and ​Nṛtta Sādhanā. Prerequisite: 2+ years of Intro to Bala Krama, Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam ​ and Karttikeya Mandala.

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No class on 19 March