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Diploma of Classical Yoga

Imagine for a moment that you have finished your teacher training, and are standing in front of your yoga class. What is the single most important thing you want to pass on to them? Is it your favourite pose? Is it your favourite breathing technique? Or is it something harder to define, the source of your own joy and passion for your practice? 

Yoga is more than movements. It is the science of movement, including anatomy and the physiology of movement within the postures. You will learn to keep your students safe, keep them challenged, and learn to create interesting classes that suit your passions.

Yoga is more than mindfulness or breathing. Yes, these contribute to the practice, and you will learn how approach these individually and as part of a yoga class. Yoga is more than stress relief, although you will learn how the nervous system reacts within the yoga practice and how that impacts stress. You will learn the philosophy that makes yoga so much more than all of these things.

With over 20 years experience training yoga teachers, ACCY can give you the foundations to take your own classes in whichever direction inspires you, to competently lead others, and to deepen your personal practice so you speak and teach with authenticity instead of buzz words.

Download our booklet and application form here

Next Intake begins 6th of February, 2021.

 Our course is nationally recognised in Yoga. Completion of our training gives entry to Yoga Australia, thus conferring national recognition of your qualifications by a peak body within the industry, and attracting insurance cover without difficulty.


To be accepted in this course, you will need:

  • At least one year's experience in asana
  • Letter of referral from current teacher
  • Willing to take up still-mind meditation

Preferred experience:

  • Current practice of still-mind meditation
  • 2 year's asana experience

Also available with ACCY:

Meditation Teacher Training

The Diploma of Classical Meditation gives you a thorough understanding of the principles and outcomes of still-mind meditation. This diploma explores classical meditation more deeply than the Diploma of Classical Yoga, and is suitable for those who wish to focus on meditation and Yogic philosophy, rather than the physiological side of Yoga. 

Next course begins March, 2021