Meditate to Elevate Wisdom & Practice Workshop

May2720231:00 pmtoMay2720234:00 am

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50 Seville Road, Holland Park, Queensland, 4121, Australia
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Saturday, 27 May 2023 toSaturday, 27 May 2023
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Join Meditation Instructor, Candace Earl, a specialist in Vedic Philosophy and the practice of Mantra Meditation, for this three hour workshop to deep dive into yogic philosophy, meditation and mindfulness techniques, and life’s big questions.For those of you who wish to establish an effective, time tested practice of meditation into your life to experience real peace of mind, clarity and ultimately a solution to the ups and downs of life.

This Workshop will include:

• Breathwork – Breathing Techniques to bring about equilibrium in the mind and increase energy

• Mindfulness Technique – Gaining greater control of our thoughts and emotions

• Yogic Philosophy & Wisdom - Answering the BIG questions to life;

- Who am I? How to get to know myself on a deeper level and find out what is the meaning and goal of life.

- What is the mind, why it can be experienced as an enemy, how to deal with thoughts, desires and feelings.

- How can I achieve a balanced lifestyle so I can feel complete and whole.

• Mantra Breathing – Freedom from worries and anxiety by purifying the mind in Sacred Sound

• Mala Bead Meditation – Establishing a regulated, daily practice of meditation for inner peace & happiness

• Kirtan Meditation – Soothing Mantras accompanied with live musical instruments; a truly enlightening experience

The session will culminate with an open Q & A – a comfortable, welcoming and safe environment to ask any and all questions and gain further clarification

Candace has been both applying these practices on a daily basis and teaching them nationally and internationally for the past 20 years in Teacher Training Courses, Educational Events and Festivals. This spiritual practice has touched her life in the most wonderful ways possible and from that place she feels inspired to share this gift with others. Her mission in life is to unite people through the power of Mantra Meditation and Yogic Wisdom.

It states in the ancient yoga texts that for the world to be peaceful, we need to be peaceful within ourselves, and Candace can honestly say that she has experienced this through embracing these practices that she has received from Enlightened Teachers and will be sharing them with you too!

No experience is required, everyone is most welcome! So come along, sit back & soak up the good vibes that are truly transformative!

Holland Park Studio

Saturday 27th May

1:00pm - 4:00pm

$60 per person 

includes 3 hour workshop + gift meditation pack

Included for $60

Includes 3 hour workshop + gift meditation pack