The Spring Yoga Intensive

Sep28202012:00 pmtoOct02202012:00 pm

Monday, 28 Sep 2020 toFriday, 2 Oct 2020
$150 at venue or $120 via Zoom
What does that include?
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Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal 

The time to cleanse and refresh your body and mind

1 week of early morning yoga practices to:


Cleanse body of toxins and heaviness, 

release tightness, soothe aches and stiffness

improve flexibility and range of movement

cleanse organs and improve digestion

refresh your energy and embrace lightness.

5 days of Spring focussed practice:

asana pranayama and meditation 

Included for$150 at venue or $120 via Zoom

bookiomng inclides comprehensive Spring Ebook (concepts and theories, health changing recipes and lifestyle guide for optimnalk spring wellbeing

Schedule / Itinerary

6am - 7.30am Monday - Friday daily practice along with diet and lifestyle changes Limnited mats at venue or attend live on Zoom