Maria Del Mar

Maria Del Mar

Joined on Apr 17, 2024

I am Maria Uribe, I came to Yoga 5 years ago in my search for something deeper, inner-peace and happiness. My journey has taken me to explore India where I became a Hatha Yoga Instructor (Recognized by Yoga Alliance) During my trip I practiced a few styles of Yoga such as: Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and I met extraordinary people that inspired me to share what I’ve learned. I am always doing my best to translate the teachings and to offer an opportunity for everyone to enjoy all the benefits that Yoga brings, not only in a physical level but spiritually too. When I teach, I like to connect to every student, creating a space where they can listen to their body and soul. I encourage people to face their fears, limitations and emotions on the mat and bring awareness into their lives.

Teaching Yoga has been an amazing journey of learning, evolving and deepening my practice.


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