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Sunday, 28 Aug 2022 toSunday, 28 Aug 2022
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It's easy to put everyone else first when you are a proud Mum, business owner, carer, high achiever, or over thinker.

All too often, your time and energy are supporting the needs of others and you forget about your own needs.

In attempts to stay on top of everything and keep everyone happy you cut corners on your own self care, skipping meals, getting to bed late, cancelling appointments for yourself and before too long, you find your energy waining and tolerance diminished. You feel numb, resentful, burnt out.

Self care essentials is a day to relax and unwind, without thinking about anyone or anything else.

Reset your nervous system, fill up your cup and regain your sense of self.

Without the need to travel, pack an overnight bag or worry about flights, you can join this one day retreat on Sydney's leafy north shore.

Just one day, time out for you. 

During this blissful day of chill, you will discover how to...

  •  Redefine self care, 
  • Identify your triggers;
  • Reconnect with your needs
  • Establish boundaries 
  • Take care of yourself

This is a day to develop new skills insights & understanding, so you can reduce your stress & experience more energy & freedom.

What you will experience on the day:

  • Yoga; 
  • Morning tea; 
  • Women's circle;
  • Meditation; 
  • Gourmet Vegetarian lunch; 
  • Afternoon integration session;
  • Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation.

Included for $165

Morning tea;
Women's circle;
Gourmet Vegetarian lunch;
Afternoon integration session;
Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation.

Schedule / Itinerary

The Day in Detail 8am Welcome & Mindfulness Yoga Start the day with a rejuvenating yoga class to release muscle tension and soothe your mind. Suitable for all levels and abilities. 9.30am Morning Tea Freshly brewed coffee & a selection of organic herbal teas. Enjoy a delicious home made morsel to go with your drink of choice.. Chat with other participants or chill in one of our rest areas. 10am Women's Circle In this session, we explore the challenges of taking care of everyone else and remembering your own needs. Discover the 3 tiers of self care and recognise the patterns that lead to self forgetting. Expect new perspectives to arise from discussion with other women in the circle. 12.30pm Vegetarian Lunch Savour a gourmet vegetarian lunch with fresh seasonal produce and delicious flavours.Special dietary requirements catered to upon request (at time of booking). 1.30pm Afternoon session Reflecting on the insights of the morning session, you will integrate new ways of caring for yourself at the 3 tiers of self care, in the mix of caring for everyone and everything else. 3pm Afternoon Tea Take a break with a cup of tea and something yummy from the kitchen. 3.15pm Reflection, insights & meditation Farewells, celebrations and ongoing support. 4pm Farewell and goodbye