Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Feb1220229:00 amtoFeb2020223:00 pm

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147 South Terrace, Fremantle, Western Australia, 6160, Australia
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Saturday, 12 Feb 2022 toSunday, 20 Feb 2022
What does that include?


The Training:

250h Online program registered and alliance approved.

In studio training workshop.

10 classes in studio or online.

How it works?:

You begin by studying our 250hr International Flying Foundation teacher training online.

The course is fused with traditional grass roots yoga principals. Active poses covering technique, benefits, cuing tips and therapeutic applications of each pose.

Once you have completed the online portion of their training and written exam, you are now eligible to complete the on-site part via a weekend workshop with one of our on-site teacher's. (Sharon)


Once you have registered you can start studying Online immediately.

The Weekends workshop will be held in mid February 2021, from 6am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday.

You will have 3 months to study and submit your written test before attending the workshop. You will also have 10 compulsory in studio classes to attend so you can be confident for your final examination.


Tuition costs: $1900


147 South Terrace Fremantle


250hr International Aerial Teacher Training world yoga alliance approved.

Included for $1900

All included

Schedule / Itinerary

Start training online as soon as you enroll, take 10 classes either in the studio or online to complete your first written assignemt. After completing the written test you will be able to participate in the 16hour weekend workshop. Finally, record a 30 minutes class taken either in our studio or a location of your choice. The total duration of the training is 3 months but can be extended if necessary.