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Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021 toWednesday, 20 Oct 2021
$10-20 donation
0410 289 519


This week's Sound Healing Meditation is a revitalising session just before the full moon in Aries - the first fire sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars. The dynamic, exciting energy of this sign heralds a time of action and courage, moving boldly forwards with passion and possibility. With four major planets coming out of retrograde this month, and Sydney coming out of lockdown, we are certainly going to feel the new momentum entering our lives!

Naturally we will have the beautiful big Mars gong to bliss you out and boost your whole being.

In this Online Sound Meditation, you are bathed in the sublime sounds of gongs and singing bowls to experience deeply restorative relaxation, recalibrating your nervous system, relieving tension, refreshing your mind. Being immersed in an ocean of sound allows healing to occur at a deep level. The sonic vibrations of these ancient instruments of sound help to clear negativity and old habits leaving you open for new ideas to emerge.

Join us from the comfort of your home, settle yourself somewhere really comfortable and quiet and truly experience the power of sonic vibration ... and the good news is that you can still feel the power of sonic vibration - ONLINE ...

Contact me for further details.

Schedule / Itinerary

For this online class you need an account with ZOOM meeting platform - online or app. You need to register with me so that you can receive a unique link and password to join this class. Do this in advance so you are ready. Let me know your name on Zoom so that I can admit you from the waiting room. Get familiar with ZOOM so you can find the settings on your listening device. (I can help you with this if you contact me in enough time) Make sure you are comfortable and cosy before we begin to make the best use of the online time. Lay down, cover yourself with a blanket, perhaps have a cushion beneath your knees, have an eye pillow to cover your eyes, And water to drink. Classes are By Donation - $10 minimum offering suggested $15-20 if you have an income