First Breath |  an introduction to Rebirthing


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Harmony Body & Mind, 14 Billabirra Crescent, Nerang, Queensland, 4211, Australia
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Thursday, 21 Mar 2019 toSunday, 24 Mar 2019
$550 USD


::: First Breath :::

Life Imitates Birth - an introduction to Rebirthing with Georgia Hovey

Dive deep into a transformative voyage, spend a weekend immersed in Rebirthing Breathwork, your breath patterns, and the patterns driving your life.

Learn to use your breath to access the subconscious realm, and uncover unconscious memories - all the way back to your birth.

Allow the inner shower of the breath to birth you to a fresh new beginning - rejuvenate and celebrate life.

FIRST BREATH is a transformative 3 1/2 -day weekend immersion in Rebirthing Breathwork, led by internationally renowned trainer and seminar leader, Georgia Hovey.

Rebirthing Breathwork uses a yogic breathing technique (pranayama) to release stored stress and tension from your body…reaching all the way back to your very first breath.

Over the course of this workshop weekend you will:
- experience 3 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions
- explore pre and peri-natal psychology,
- learn about the impact of birth and childhood trauma,
- learn about negative core beliefs and how they affect our life.

This information is of great benefit to widening our personal scope of understanding of life.

The FIRST BREATH weekend is designed to give you a deep personal growth experience, and forms the foundational training to become a certified Breathwork Practitioner, if that is your desire.

This specific conscious breathwork technique of Rebirthing Breathwork allows awareness and insights to surface that are not easily accessed through traditional therapy.
It opens energy channels in the body, allowing the movement of suppressed emotional material and old belief structures.

FIRST BREATH combines counselling and insight with experiential processes to gain deeper levels of self-awareness and free up our subtle energy.

As we release inner blocks, we become energised and rejuvenated from a cellular level.
We feel more alive and vital.
Our heart opens and we become more present to our inner guidance. �
This enables us to awaken to a deeper caring and compassion for ourselves, the earth and all beings.

WHEN: March 21st - 24, 2019
[ Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday ]


VENUE; Harmony Body Mind Centre, Nerang
(QLD Gold Coast Hinterland)

DEPOSIT: $300 USD to register
*Deposit due by February 10

REVIEWERS: $350 USD $200 to register
*Deposit due by February 10

*Deposits are non-refundable/non-transferable and all funds are to be paid in USD
*Logistics letter upon registration

Georgia is an Internationally renowned seminar leader, and gifted teacher. She has over 45 years experience in the personal growth field, is an (LRT) Certified Rebirther Trainer, has counselled thousands of clients and led workshops all over the world, training others to use the rebirthing breathwork technique with their clients. For many years Georgia was the head organiser for the Loving Relationship Training (LRT), and she also holds her Masters in Education
Georgia brings a wealth of wisdom and understanding of the psychology of human relationships to her trainings and client sessions. �Her passion is to support others to understand how conclusions made at birth create patterns that lead to how we experience life. Georgia's deep intuition accompanied by her light humour, encourages and supports your healing process.