Happy Hips & Healthy Hamstrings

Oct2920221:30 pmtoOct2920223:30 pm

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Stretch Yoga, 50 Seville Road, Holland Park, Queensland, 4121, Australia
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Saturday, 29 Oct 2022 toSaturday, 29 Oct 2022
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Many of us come to yoga to increase flexibility, especially around the hips and legs. But if our practice is made up of a lot of stretching and not much strengthening, it can lead to unnecessary tension and imbalance in the body.

This workshop will help you develop an understanding of your stretching techniques as applied to the entire hip joint, including the hamstrings. As well addressing misconceptions around strength, flexibility and mobility, you'll leave with new skills that can be incorporated directly into your practice.

During this workshop, you will:

Learn the difference between active and passive ranges of motion as they relate to the hip joint

Identify common areas of weakness, tightness and overstretch, plus explore techniques to bring balance between these

Learn how to incorporate accessible strength drills in your regular practice to create more support around the pelvis

Learn how becoming stronger around the hip joint doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose the flexibility you currently have

This workshop is completely beginner friendly, perfect for athletes or simply anyone experiencing hip and hamtstring tightness. Bookings essential.