Candlelight Flow & Blindfold Yoga

Jun0320215:15 pmtoJun0320217:15 pm

Thursday, 3 Jun 2021 toThursday, 3 Jun 2021


Inspired by Pratyahara (the yoga principle of “the withdrawal of senses”), this workshop invites us to shift our focus and awareness inwards. By gradually placing less focus on and eventually removing sight from our practice, we will take a journey from outside perception to inner self.

With a blindfold on there are no more sneaky peaks at those around you, and no need to compare your practice to anyone else’s. We will begin to let go of the fear of doing things wrong - learning to trust ourselves and to enjoy our practice without seeking approval from others. 

You will experience a change in perception and learn to appreciate your senses on a whole new level. Allow yourself to experience what it really feels like to tune in with your breath - to feel the sensations as your body moves, and as it finds stillness.

This workshop is open to everyone - beginners are welcome! We will take our practice a little slower and focus on delving deeper. Experience something new and join Charlotte for some gentle movement, deep stretches, meditation and mindfulness combined with some dreamy tunes!

​You will leave feel relaxed, restored, with a higher appreciation for your ability to see, both inside and out.

Suitable for all levels - Beginners welcome!

Please bring your own yoga mat

Email with any questions!