The Art of Self Nurturing: 2 hr Relaxation Retreat

Mar13202112:00 amtoMar13202112:00 am

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Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 toSaturday, 13 Mar 2021


The simple kindness of accepting ourselves exactly as we are can change so much about the way we experience life!

When we are out of sync with our selves, life doesn’t seem to work in the way that we feel it should! It can feel like we are in our own personal prison made of judgements and fears. We lose a deeper connection with ourselves. 

Create your own inner sanctuary and harness the skills to practice nourishing self-love and acceptance in this stress relieving mini retreat. 

This retreat is designed to bring you to a more relaxed relationship with yourself. Come along to alleviate tightness in the body while uncovering a wholesome practice of self-care. Breathe out and let go with two hours of gentle meditation to open, release and re-connect. 

Simply relax and be led by Kali, counsellor and yoga teacher as you re discover self-nurturing with guided meditation, gentle stretching and exercises to soften the body & mind.  

Enjoy the benefits of being more settled within yourself, more in touch with your own needs and more fulfilled in your own company. 

The Art of Self Nurturing mini retreat is a perfect practice to inspire a fresh perspective on how to connect and love yourself just as you are.

Kali Ledger is a trained counsellor and Yoga teacher who fosters a deep connection with the present moment, inner balance and clarity in her work. Her interest and experience in healing the body and mindset the framework for her unique events where she seeks to assist you in finding happiness and self-acceptance.

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