Introduction to Vishrant Tai Chi: 4 Week Course


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Restful Waters, 64 Canns Road, Bedfordale, Western Australia, 6112, Australia
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Thursday, 16 Jan 2020 toThursday, 16 Jan 2020
6:00 - 7:15 pm
0418 229 662


Looking for an active form of relaxation and meditation that benefits both the body and mind?


Our Introduction to Vishrant Tai Chi 4 Week course is a perfect opportunity to practice gentle meditative movement in a friendly and peaceful environment.


Over 4 weeks you will learn the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi which are designed to help you develop a calm mind and a healthy body. There is a strong focus on developing mindfulness of the body so that you can arrive at a deep state of restfulness within.


  • The many benefits of Tai Chi include:
  • Calmness of mind
  • Emotional and physical balance
  • Mental and physical flexibility
  • Relaxation of the mental and physical bodies
  • Stress relief


Inspired by awakened teacher Prem Vishrant, each part of this practice points us towards teachings of gratitude, acceptance and surrender.


You will learn how to tailor your own practice to suit your body. As Tai Chi provides a bridge between formal meditation and the practice of mindfulness in daily activities, it is the perfect addition to a meditator’s repertoire for those experienced in or looking to begin a meditation practice.


Come and discover the peaceful practice of Vishrant Tai Chi!

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