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You can enjoy many styles of yoga at Qi, each with its own flavour to suit any age, any level or ability.They all focus your senses, uniting body, breath and mind leading to lasting vitality and joy

Manly, NSW

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Emily Carton

Emily  Carton

Emily is a peaceful northern beaches soul with a love for the ocean, nature and healthy living. From a young age Emily has always had a passion for leading a natural and holistic lifestyle with interests in holistic nutrition, moving the body and connecting to nature.

Emily first started yoga in her teenage years as a form of exercise yet like many, soon became drawn to the greater benefits it had on her mind and soul. Yoga was able to help her re-connect with her true nature, something she had struggled with during times of depression and anxiety. Through years of soul searching at university and travelling overseas, Emily was always drawn back to yoga and she began to see it as much more than just a hobby.

Emily completed the Qi Teacher Training 420 hour diploma in 2017. Whilst completing her studies she had the privilege of mentoring under the incredible Mauricio Andres Eberlin. Following her studies she hopes to further expand her knowledge in Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda.

Emily loves to teach dynamic and uplifting Hatha classes that bring together a beautiful combination of movement, relaxation and self-reflection. Often touching on yoga philosophy, nature and Ayurveda. Emily hopes to inspire her students like she has been inspired by yoga. She aims for her students to leave class feeling uplifted, alive and centered.

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