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You can enjoy many styles of yoga at Qi, each with its own flavour to suit any age, any level or ability.They all focus your senses, uniting body, breath and mind leading to lasting vitality and joy

Manly, NSW

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Elissa Koskinen

Originally from Finland, Elissa has been living abroad since the early 2000s, spending the last 4 years in Australia. She finished her Advanced Yoga Teaching Diploma at Nature Care College in December 2008.

Elissa is also a passionate surfer and snowboarder and loves an active lifestyle. "I practice yoga because it makes me happy and gives me balance and strength in the other areas of my life."

Her passion lies within people and helping them achieve whatever they wish from their lives. She believes yoga is not a hobby but a way of life - which would make this world a much better place if just more people integrated it into their personal lives.

Flexibility in bodies through yoga will show in flexibility in our minds when we hit hard situations in life. Yoga will not make these situations go away but will help us the way we see and approach them.

Yoga has been a big support for Elissa throughout the years. Her teaching is a nurturing, flowing style and customized for all levels from gentler styles to more dynamic classes. She teaches Hatha, Restorative and Ashtanga styles of yoga. She also likes to focus a lot on different pranayama techniques and relaxation during her classes. She focuses on developing practical skills that will transform the quality of daily life, develop strength for both the body and the mind and likes to explore the spiritual dimensions of practice for peace and life balance.

Elissa continues her studies through regular courses and workshops.

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