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You can enjoy many styles of yoga at Qi, each with its own flavour to suit any age, any level or ability.They all focus your senses, uniting body, breath and mind leading to lasting vitality and joy

Manly, NSW

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Andrena Grayling

Andrena  Grayling
Andrena’s love of yoga began when she moved to Australia in 1996 and discovered Yoga Moves in Paddington, she didn’t realise that signing up for a beginners Ashtanga course would lead her to find her passion in life and an ever evolving journey of learning and self-discovery. Having just arrived from living and working in a very fast paced, stressful corporate job in London, yoga taught her to slow down, something that most of her family and peers thought impossible!
20 years + Andrena is still passionate about yoga and still learning something new every time she rolls out her mat. She practices and teaches Hatha and Yin yoga having graduated from the prestigious Qi Health and Yoga 415 hour Teacher Training and followed this up with Yin Teacher Training also at Qi.

Having had her fair share of injuries and health challenges Andrena is passionate about teaching a well-balanced class where all levels of students can practice safely. “I want my students to feel relaxed and nurtured through class but also empowered to explore and make it their own practice, as TKV Desikachar wrote – We are both observer and what is observed at the same time. If we do not pay attention to ourselves in our practice, then we cannot call it Yoga.

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