Morning - Angahara  (Asana Arrangements) 9 week course

Apr1220236:00 amtoJun0720237:15 am

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Hatha Yoga Desha, 220A Norton St, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040, Australia
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Wednesday, 12 Apr 2023 toWednesday, 7 Jun 2023
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Asana - Angahara (Asana Arrangements) presents a morning practice of karana and asana suitable for the precultivation of inversions. 

In the morning linear arrangements are worked when the energy is dominant in the nerves. The aim is to move the prana (life force) into the blood through the exercise of the bones and joints. Prerequisite: Ongoing personal practice and 2+ years of preludes including Karttikeya Mandala.

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