Art of Relaxation

Jan22202112:00 pmtoJan24202112:00 pm

Friday, 22 Jan 2021 toSunday, 24 Jan 2021


Friday 22 January 6.30pm-9pm

Saturday 23 January 10.30am-2pm

Sunday 24 January 10.30am-2pm

Our mental health is our most important asset, yet 2020 has tested us all. If we don’t learn how to relax properly, we will be stuck in a state of stress and anxiety. Chronic stress lead to muscle tension, insomnia, digestive troubles, mood problems and anxiety.

In this unique 3 day course, you will get to the root of anxiety and stress.

  • Practical Anxiety Relief
  • Unwind the Psoas
  • Activate the Vagus Nerve
  • Learn to deal with your emotions.

This course has been running for 3 years as it empowers people with practical tools to deal with their anxiety.

Schedule / Itinerary

Friday Theory 45mins + understanding the stress response +recognise anxiety + stress self-assessment and triggers + understanding the psoas Practice 1hr 45min + practical anxiety relief + unlock the secrets of the psoas + body awareness, embodiment and cultivating sensitivity + yoga nidra Saturday Theory 45min + discover the magic of the Vagus Nerve + get to the root of chronic muscle tension Practice 3hr 15 min + anxiety relief through the breath and body + progressive muscle relaxation + techniques to relieve chronic tension Sunday Theory 45min + emotional stress and wellbeing + emotions and trauma in the body + getting to the root of anxiety + the role of mindfulness Practice 2hr 15 min + embodiment + Non-Linear Movement + Mindfulness and anxiety relief