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Sunday, 13 Nov 2022 toSunday, 13 Nov 2022
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No chakra stands alone and the lower three chakras, root, sacral and navel constitute our lower triangle, our foundation. They are non cognitive, and non intuitive. If the energy in the lower triangle is not balanced, managed and transmuted to higher energy frequencies one is enslaved to hunger, thirst and sexuality, following the whim of the body. You are reactive, rather than responsive.

Please join me, Kylie, at Bikram Yoga Southport for a 2.5 hour Kundalini Yoga & Meditation extended class interwoven with multiple gongs. We will refine and finesse the lower triangle and experience the power, force & grace of gongs and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Gong meditations retune the body, assist with emotional cleansing, balance the energy and tone the nervous system. It is a divine experience! 

 Class is suitable for all levels, including beginners. 

Tickets $55 pp

Included for $55.00

2.5 hours Yoga, Meditation & Gong Bath.