Fusion Acupressure Method Practitioner Training

Mar22202012:00 amtoMar28202012:00 am

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Krishna Village, 525 Tyalgum Road, Eungella, New South Wales, 2484, Australia
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Sunday, 22 Mar 2020 toSaturday, 28 Mar 2020
AU $1100 - AU $1780
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A unique, integrated healing method


Follow your calling to be an energy healer and discover the magic of acupressure! You will learn how to balance the 12 meridians, ease pain, clear the mind, and align with your heart. The Fusion Acupressure Method blends ancient Chinese wisdom with modern psychotherapy tools for personal and professional interest.

This training is more than a practitioner training, it is an invitation to heal, grow and transform on a cellular level. Anyone is welcome: massage therapists, nurses, life coaches or individuals seeking personal development and self-care. You will learn techniques that will take you on your own personal journey of healing, while learning how to support the healing of others.


The Fusion Acupressure Method is an integration of Ancient Chinese Healing Principles, Acupressure, Energy Emission, Taoist Teachings, and Coaching Techniques

In this modality the client remains fully clothed and finger pressure is applied to different pressure points with deliberate intention to move energy, clear blocks and support introspection. Each Pressure point acts as an energy vortex that communicates between the physical body, the energetic body, and the mind.

Although the Fusion Acupressure Method focuses on touch and talk therapy to clear and balance the body, mind and spirit, you will also learn other ancient and modern methods including meditation, coaching, guided breathing and visualisation to deepen your clients’ experience and invite healing and harmony to the whole.


The curriculum

The Practitioner Level teaches you what acupressure is, and how to apply touch therapy to ease tension, balance energy and clear beliefs. You will develop a greater understanding of the metaphysical connection between the meridian pathways, the body, the corresponding emotions, and the psycho-spiritual connection of each pressure point.


-Acupressure and Ancient Chinese Philosophy - Learn the ancient philosophies of Chinese Medicine, yin yang, 12 organ meridians, Shu points, meridian palpation, pulses,  6 recipes for easy sessions, how to individualise a session, and over 120 acu-points


-Qi Gong Postures - Learn the Five Element Qi Gong Series, meditation and breath to cultivate energy for personal practice


-Energetic Hygiene - Learn basic techniques to prepare for a session, and clear after a session


-Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Techniques - Practice powerful communication skills, coaching techniques, some NLP,  body tracking, plus receive sessions for your own personal development and healing


Included forAU $1100 - AU $1780

The price (listed below) includes:

- 6 day training
- 6 nights accomodation
- Accreditation with International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
- Course materials: comprehensive manual, handouts, and online prep study
- 3 delicious vegetarian meals/day
- Daily yoga classes (optional)


- Camping: AU$1500 (early bird rate: AU$1400)
- Double / Twin share: AU$1650 (early bird rate: AU$1550)
- Single room: AU$1780 (early bird rate: AU$1680)
- Without accommodation: AU$1200 (early bird rate: AU$1100)

Schedule / Itinerary

Day 1. Clearing the Conscious – The Mask

Learn points on the face, neck and shoulders to ease tension, release headaches, clear the mind and deepen relaxation

Day 2. Letting Go – Metal Element

Learn about the Lung & Large Intestine Meridian, pressure points & Qi Gong posture to support opening and letting go

Day 3. Grounding – Earth Element

Discover the nurturing quality of the Stomach and Spleen meridian, the Qi Gong postures and open to self worth and the mother archetype

Day 4. Open to Joy – Fire Element

Learn the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater and Pericardium pathways, thier pressure points and Qi Gong postures to improve presence, calm the mind and invite love

Day 5. Will to become – Water Element

Enjoy the supportive quality of the Bladder and Kidney meridian and the power of Qi Gong as you learn the power of trust, will and resolve.

Day 6. Benevolence – Wood Element

The Liver and Gallbladder meridian inspire doing, manifesting and harmonise anger. Discover Qi Gong postures and the power of these pressure points in session to harmonise and balance Qi.


Example day

5:00am - Sunrise Yoga (optional)

8:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - Session 1: Five Element Qi Gong

10:00am - Session 2: Introduction to the magic of acupressure & 12 meridians: Insights into how the body holds belief patterns and where; 25 acupressure point location and their qualities for healing the face, neck and shoulder

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Session 3: Breath and Meditation Techniques to build and sustain Qi

2:00pm: Session 4: Live Demonstration: Clearing the Conscious & Clinic set up – Face, Neck & Shoulders

2:30pm: Session 5: Guided session exchange and supervision

6:00pm - Dinner

9:00pm - Quiet time