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Zenergy Yoga is the longest running, most experienced and highest regarded provider of children’s yoga education in Australia.

As the premier training provider on teaching yoga to children and teens, we are committed to making you the best children’s yoga teacher you can be. Whether you want to teach entire schools, have your own children’s classes or just teach your own children at home, we will provide everything you need to be a highly successful, engaging and confident teacher.

The Zenergy Teacher Training Courses were the first courses to allow yoga teachers to be recognised as accredited Children’s Yoga Teachers in Australia. The courses are registered with YA, accredited by Yoga Alliance, endorsed by IYTA and accredited with Fitness Australia. Loraine was the first ever accredited children’s yoga teacher with Yoga Australia.

Zenergy yoga has trained thousands of yoga teachers, school teachers, day care workers, parents & professionals, on how to be the best children’s yoga teacher they can be. Zenergy is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of training and education to ensure everyone who qualifies as a Zenergy Trained Teacher will teach meaningful, engaging and impactful classes. We do this by ensuring the true essence of yoga is maintained. Impactful yoga for children and teens goes beyond game-based classes. It provides a solid physical, mental and emotional foundation that will last for a lifetime. It builds discipline, focus, self-esteem, confidence, resiliency and a powerful self-image. The Zenergy methodology has worked for thousands of teachers and thousands of children and teens.

Zenergy is the only provider of Children and Teens’ Yoga Education in the world that combines the benefits and impact of teaching how to use Yoga as well as Meridian Based Yoga Therapy when working with kids. With this combination, Zenergy trained teachers see results and make an impact on the lives of children in ways that no other Kids Yoga Teacher can.

The Zenergy Teacher Training Curriculum ensures that you will be the best and most impactful teacher you can be. You will learn not only what to teach, but how to teach and how to specifically target the needs of the children or teens in your class.

Zenergy Yoga is Accredited by Yoga Australia, Endorsed by the International Yoga Teachers Association, Accredited by Yoga Alliance and Accredited by Fitness Aust

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